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UMSU Holds Exposition of Student’s Superior Works

The University Muhammadiyah of Sumatra Utara (UMSU) held a product exhibition of the student’s flagship work on the occasion of the 62nd Anniversary for three days in the parking lot at Jl. Kapt Campus. Mukhtar Basri. The Chancellor of UMSU Dr. Agussani, MAP accompanied by the Daily Trustees, vice chancellor, head of faculty, postgraduate directors, […]

UMSU Students Participate in Professional Certified Internships in a Number of BUMN

The Chancellor of the University Muhammadiyah of Sumatra Utara, DR Agussani, MAP released as many as 16 students from several faculties to take part in a professional certified internship program in a number of companies belonging to State-Owned Enterprises. “This apprenticeship program attended by UMSU students is nothing but the result of follow-up signing of […]

UMSU Participates in the International Education Exhibition in Thailand

The University Muhammadiyah of Sumatra Utara again attended an international education exhibition titled “Malay Day of Yala” in Southern Thailand. The presence of UMSU in the annual activities which lasted for three days, 8 to 11 February at the invitation of the Indonesian Consulate in Songhkla. The presence of UMSU at the festival arena was […]

Rocky Gerung Public Lecture at UMSU

On his visit to Medan, North Sumatra, Political Observer Rocky Gerung took time to stop at the University Muhammadiyah of Sumatra Utara (UMSU). In front of hundreds of students who packed the Auditorium of the Postgraduate School of UMSU, political observers who were known to be very vocal in criticizing the Jokowi-JK regime appeared enthusiastic […]

PKSK UMSU Launches Books “Jihad Konstitusi”

The Center for Constitutional Study Studies (PKSK) of the University Muhammadiyah of Sumatra Utara (UMSU) held a book titled “Jihad Constitutional Bidding for the Book” by Dr. Abdul Hakim Siagian SH MHum (AHS) and assembled with North Sumatra Islamic Leaders Meeting in the UMSU Postgraduate Hall, Jalan Denai 217 Medan, Tuesday (1/22). The event was […]

UMSU Accepts Students from the Philippines and Thailand

Muhammadiyah University Muhammadiyah of Sumatra Utara (UMSU) received 6 internship students from the Philippines and Thailand. The arrival of these foreign students is a realization of the Batch 7 Program’s The Students of SEA – Teacher program. The presence of the six students from the Philippines and Thailand was warmly welcomed at the UMSU Lt. […]


North Sumatra

The Maimoon Palace, Sometimes called Putri Hijau (literally means: The Green Princess) Palace is reflected of the greatness of Deli Kingdom. This Palace is dominated by yellow. Its color reflected of the greatness of Malay Kingdom.  The construction was completed on May 18, 1891 M in Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah ruled.

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This Great Mosque is the Landmark of Medan City. The most beautiful Mosque built by Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid  in 1906 has great culture and history value in North Sumatra. This Mosque can accommodate around 1.500 pilgrims for praying everyday.

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Bukit Lawang is the name of tourist destination in Bahorok District, Langkat, North Sumatra was located in 68 km northwest of Binjai and about 80 northwest of Medan. Bukit Lawang is a part of Mount Leuser National Park which is a conservation area of orangutan insight.

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Lake Toba is a tekto-volcanic lake with a length 100 kilometers and a width 30 kilometers located in North Sumatra, Indonesia. This lake is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

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Samosir Island is a volcanic island in the middle of Lake Toba in North Sumatra. It is an island in the island with height 1,000 meters above sea level makes this island be an island that attracts attention of tourists.

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Nias (Nias language: Tanö Niha) is an archipelago was located in west of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Jump stone is a traditional sport of Nias ethnic. Yesterday, the sport be a maturing ritual of Nias ethnic and most people do that and be an attractive attraction for tourists.

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Faculties News

UMSU Faculty of Medicine Collaborates on the Practice of Student Learning with the Padang Sidimpuan Mitra Syuhada Foundation

The Faculty of Medicine (FK) of the University of Muhammadiyah North Sumatra (UMSU) implemented a collaboration related to student learning practices at the Padang Sidimpuan Mitra Syuhada Foundation in FKUMSU’s laboratory. The practice of learning the laboratory is carried out in the Anatomy laboratory, Physiology laboratory and Histology laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine, UMSU, […]

FH UMSU Holds “De Jure Law Journal Writing Workshop”

In collaboration with the Indonesian Legal Research Association (IPHI), the Faculty of Law, University Muhammadiyah of Sumatra Utara (FH UMSU) held an event “De Jure Law Journal Writing Workshop”. This activity is coupled with the Signing of the MoU between IPHI and FH UMSU in the field of research. The activity, which was opened by […]


The UMSU Dean of the Faculty of Law was represented by Deputy Dean-I (Faisal, SH., M. Hum) accompanied by Alumni of KPS-FH UMSU (Adi Syafrizal Siregar, SH) opening and giving remarks at the rehearsal program to prepare for the championship NATIONAL MOOT COURT COMPETITION ANTI MONEY LAUNDERING V UMSU Law Faculty Moot Court (KPS) With […]

Holds the 2018 Lecturers’ School Assignment Program (PDS) Results Seminar

FKIP UMSU received a 2018 PDS program grant from Kemenristekdikti. The PDS program begins with socialization to partner schools in mid-July 2018, to Muhammadiyah 01 Medan High School and Muhammadiyah 04 Medan SMK. After the socialization, it was followed by a workshop on the preparation of learning devices. The workshop activity presented speakers from North […]