FKIP UMSU received a 2018 PDS program grant from Kemenristekdikti. The PDS program begins with socialization to partner schools in mid-July 2018, to Muhammadiyah 01 Medan High School and Muhammadiyah 04 Medan SMK.

After the socialization, it was followed by a workshop on the preparation of learning devices. The workshop activity presented speakers from North Sumatra LPMP and camtasia-based learning media practitioners. Workshop participants consisting of PDS lecturers and PDS teachers from partner schools were very enthusiastic in participating in this activity. The next series of PDS activities are held in partner schools for 8 meetings, from August to September 2018.

Meanwhile, activities during the school were presented in the results seminar held on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at the FKIP UMSU Hall. PDS lecturers explained it in front of the results seminar participants consisting of lecturers, teachers and principals from partner schools, as well as students. Then, it will be documented and published in scientific publication journals.

PDS coordinator FKIP UMSU, Dr. Hj. Dewi Kesuma Nst, M. Hum., Emphasized that the PDS program grant was very useful as a strengthening partnership between LPTK and partner schools. Lecturers who are assigned to schools work closely with teachers in improving forms of learning activities that produce collaborative learning tools for teachers and lecturers, good experiences as outlined in reflection journals and learning videos.

Seeing the usefulness of the PDS program grant, the Chancellor of UMSU, Dr. Agussani, M.A.P revealed the importance of the role of LPTK in developing the quality of education. He hopes that the UMSU LTPK will get this revitalization grant next year and will assign more lecturers to go to school.

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