In collaboration with the Indonesian Legal Research Association (IPHI), the Faculty of Law, University Muhammadiyah of Sumatra Utara (FH UMSU) held an event “De Jure Law Journal Writing Workshop”. This activity is coupled with the Signing of the MoU between IPHI and FH UMSU in the field of research.
The activity, which was opened by the Dean of Faculty of Law UMSU Ida Hanifah SH MH, presented the speaker Chairperson of the Editorial Board of De Jure Law Journal (Akhyar Ari Gayo SH MH APu.

In his speech, Deputy Chancellor I Dr. Muhammad Arifin SH MHum said, the formation of legislation should ideally be always responsive to the interests of the community. That is, the program for establishing legislation both at the center and in the region, must be preceded by legal research activities. “Through legal research, it can later be used as legal material in the preparation of regional regulations and national legislation,” he said at the Hall of FH UMSU Campus Lt. IV Gedung C Jl. Captain Mukhtar Basri Medan, Tuesday (11/06/2018).

Then, continued Arifin, another problem with various legislation is that there are still obstacles, such as the occurrence of different interpretations among law enforcement officials, practitioners, theorists, and clashes of interests.

Arifin assessed that legal research should be focused on legal and community issues that interact with law at the regional (local), national, regional and international levels. “This is to find out the extent to which legislation fulfills philosophical, sociological and juridical values,” he explained.

Then, continued Arifin, the tradition of legal research in the regional context needs to be reoriented. “This means that it is time for universities in the regions to be empowered to conduct legal research in their regions. For example, research related to Customary Law, no longer do the research that comes from outside, “he said.

Meanwhile, when opening this event, Dean of Faculty of Law UMSU Ida Hanifah SH MH said that this activity was very important and valuable for the Faculty of Law of UMSU, because through this activity many valuable information was obtained about the importance of research activities in academic life on campus. ” as we know that the De Jure Law Research Journal is a Scientific Journal that has been accredited by the Kemenristekdikti, “he said.

Therefore, Ida hopes that all the academics of FH UMSU, especially the lecturers, can make the best use of this activity. “We hope that this activity will be able to arouse the passion and enthusiasm of our lecturers in conducting research and hopefully later it can be published in the De Jure Journal,” he hoped accompanied by Deputy Dean-I Faisal SH MHum) and Deputy Dean III Zainuddin, SH MH .

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