The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (FK UMSU) received a guest visit from the Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) University of Kuala Trengganu, Malaysia. This visit was in order to establish teamwork as well as to explore cooperation between the two parties.

From the UniSZA Medicine Faculty the group consisted of Prof. Dr. Nordin bin Simbak (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine), Prof. Dr. Harmy bin Mohamed Yusof (Leadership of Academic and Student Dean), Prof. Dr. Dr Aniza bint Abdul Azis (Leader of Research and Development) and Siti Maliani binti Abdullah (lision officer).

While from UMSU attended WD I Dr. Muhammad Arifin Gultom SH MHum, WR II Akrim SPdI MPd, WR III Dr. Rudianto MSi, Dean of FK UMSU, Dean of FK UMSU Prof. Dr. Gusbakti Rusip, MSc PKK AIFM, WD I dr. Siti Maslina Siregar Sp ENT, WD III dr. Elman Boy M.Kes FIS PH FIS CM, LKUI UMSU Team and a number of other academics.

To a group of guests from the UniZWA Medical Faculty, Vice Rector III Dr. Rudianto MSi expressed his welcome on the FK UMSU campus. “We are very happy to be visited by a mother from UniSZA. We really appreciate this visit, and another time, God willing, we will return to visit UnisZWA specifically, “he said when representing the Chancellor of UMSU, congratulating the Hall of FK UMSU, Jl Gedung Arca, Medan, Wednesday (05/12/2018).

Furthermore, he revealed, that UMSU was actually very happy to be able to collaborate with universities from abroad, including those from neighboring Malaysia. He hopes, hopefully in the future this relationship will give transparency to both parties, both UMSU and UniSZA. “Especially maybe later we can design and realize cooperation in the form of action-points, especially in the field of medicine,” he explained.

UniSZA Medical Faculty Prof. Dr. Nordin bin Simbak conveyed his happiness at the speech given by UMSU. “Frankly, we are very happy because we have been welcomed warmly and full of family at UMSU,” he said.

He hoped that this meeting could continue to be a collaboration between the two institutions, namely the Pengubatan Pengubatan UniSZA and FK UMSU.

“We really hope to be able to build cooperation that will later improve the second level of the faculty, especially improving the quality of teaching, research and publication,” he explained.

After the meeting, accompanied by the leadership of UMSU, the group from the UniSZA Pengubatan Faculties had the opportunity to visit the UMSU Science Falaq Observatory (OIF) located in the Postgraduate School UMSU Building, Jl Denai 217, Medan. (RSFN)

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