University of Muhammadiyah Sumatra Utara (UMSU) received a visit from the Malaysian State Da’wah Council (MDN). Their arrival at UMSU was in the context of building relationships and holding coöperation between the two institutions.

The delegation wasreceived directly by the ranks of the UMSU Rectorate, Vice Rector I, namely Dr. Muhammad Arifin Gultom, SH M.Hum, Vice Rector IIAkrimSPdiMpd, Vice Rector III Dr Rudianto MSi, Secretary of University Gunawan SPsI MTH, Director of Postgraduate Dr Syaiful Bahri MAP, KUI UMSU dr. FebrinaPratiwi and a number from Heads of Bureau in the UMSU atthe UMSU Postgraduate Building, Jalan Denai 217,Medan, Friday (11/30/2018).

 The ViceRector III of UMSU Dr. Rudianto MSi in his speech said that the large family of UMSU was very happy and glad when they heard the news of the planned arrival of foreign guests, especially from Malaysia.”Because, it’s not every day we do the interaction with campuses in Malaysia. Because if there is an opportunity and chance we will be happy to welcome, whether it comes here directly or invites us to Malaysia, then we will warmly respond to both of them. Moreover, this is as part of UMSU internationalization agenda which we have been raising recently, “he said

agenda which we have been raising recently, “he said.

Although there may be differences, but Rudianto considers that it’s not that obvious, because basically Indonesia and Malaysia are a family, namely the Malay family.  “Surely this will make our relationship easier to implement and realized than other countries,” said Rudianto.

Then added by Vice Rector II UMSU AkrimSPdIMPd revealed that in principle between UMSU which is a business charity Organization of Muhammadiyah that has similar vision and mission which is almost the same as MDN under the auspices of the Malaysian Da’wah Islamic Foundation (YADIM). If Muhammadiyah identity is “Islamic Movement, Da’wah Amar Ma’rufNahiMunkar and Tajdid, sourced from the Qur’an and the Sunnah”, while YADIM has a vision of “Understanding da’wah matters based on the Qur’ an and the Sunnah.

“Of course, this similarity is aascapital for both parties to work together in future cooperation,” he said.

Meanwhile the leader of the MDN group Hafiz bin MohamadRamle expressed his appreciation to UMSU for welcoming them well in a family atmosphere. “Hopefully this is a good start for all of us to be able to establish harmony and build cooperation in the future,” said Hafiz who served as the Director of the MDN Student Council Board.

The State Da’wahMajlis(MDN) is a distinctive body that is under the auspices of the TrusteeInstitution of the Malaysian Da’wah Foundation (YADIM). MDN was established in October 2013. Until now, MDN has become a forum for gathering figures in thecountry, scholars, professional and corporate groups and various other partiesconsisting of various professional backgrounds.

At the first visit, the MDN group visited UMSU’s Falaq Science Observatory (OIF) which was on the seventh floor of the Postgraduate Campus Building, UMSU.

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