Universityof Muhammadiyah Sumatra Utara (UMSU) held a Period II graduation in 2018.During this period, there were 1690 graduates in two waves, on 13 and 14November 2018.

Dr. Haedar Nashir Msi. As the General Chair of PP Muhammadiyah was Present at the graduation ceremony.

“On behalf of ourselves and all academics of UMSU we congratulate all graduates and families for the success of the sons and daughters for completing studies at  University Of Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara,” said Rector of UMSU Dr. Agussani while giving a speech on the first day of graduation at Selecta Convention Medan Hall, Jl. Electricity No.2 Medan, Tuesday (11/13/2018).

Agussani said, with the blessing and permission of Allah SWT and the support of all parties, especially the support of PP Muhammadiyah, as well as the hard work of all UMSU academics, the trust from society and government is increasing now. “We will continue to maintain and keep up that trust,” he said.

He further said, that the development of information technology is so fast happening, therefore we are required to keep abreast of the times and continue to be able to see and prepare for the future, especially we are now in the era of the Industrial Revolution, where the advancement of information technology and technology has changed many things in this world.

The routine work will be replaced by technological sophistication and many jobs will be lost, but on the contrary there will be many new jobs that will emerge in the future, “he said.

He continued, the progress of information and communication technology also penetrated into the world of higher education, hence the effects of extraordinary changes occurred in all disciplines. He admitted, at this time there was a profound change in the atmosphere of academic life at UMSU, gradually UMSU had made changes and reformulated the competent curriculum. “This is a demand of the era and a necessity that is said that you as a student and alumni are generation Z who are as innovative new actors,” he said.

In the era of 4.0 industrial revolution, Agussani said, besides being a challenge of course this is also as an opportunity for universities to continue for improving competitiveness and innovation. Likewise with college graduates, including UMSU graduates.

Surely no one can avoid the extreme changes in this technology. Therefore, college graduates must be able and ready to face the current changes and challenges.

“We are sure that all of you will be ready to face this competition as alumni and millennial. You must have the ability and excellence in technology literacy, human literacy and data literacy, “he explained.

According to him, skills are needed so that graduates are able to manage big results to improve public and social services. UMSU graduates must also have technological literacy skills to be able to use digital technology to process data and information.

Furthermore, Agussani said, UMSU graduates must be able to master human literacy, which is to show soft-skill abilities or personal character development to be able to collaborate adaptive and wisely in the current era of information flooding.

In order to face this challenge, UMSU continues to carry out various innovations in improving the quality of graduates, improving technological research and increasing competitiveness in the entire academic community to meet the demands of vision and mission.

“Day after day is indeed grateful, Thank God, the achievements of UMSU fulfill our government’s demands to continue to improve,” he said.

Internationalization of PTM

In enhancing international competitiveness, Agussani said that UMSU continued to hold foreign cooperation such as Japan, Australia, France, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand. This collaboration is carried out in the form of student exchanges, internships and International (KKN)

UMSU is also committed to improving lecturers’ human resources by facilitating scholarships for young lecturers for doctoral porograms to study abroad. This year UMSU targets 25 lecturers to complete doctoral studies from 2018-1919.

“For UMSU graduates who have English skills, we will facilitate them by giving full scholarship to continue study abroad within the contract that they must serve at UMSU after completing their studies,” Agussani said.

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