The North Sumatra Provincial Election Commission in collaboration with the University Muhammadiyah of Sumatera Utara held an “KPU Goes to Campus” event to provide socialization regarding simultaneous elections which will be held simultaneously on 17 April 2019. The KPU Goes to Campus event was held in the Building B Hall of UMSU Lt. 2, Wednesday (5/12).

This socialization event was opened by the Vice Chancellor III of UMSU Dr. Rudianto, M.Sc and attended as a speaker at KPU Commissioner Ira Wartati, Dr. Arifin Saleh, MSP from UMSU, as well as followed by Bidikmisi UMSU scholarship recipient students.

Dr. In his opening speech, Rudianto expressed his gratitude for the trust of the committee to hold this activity on the UMSU campus. “We are happy and proud, hopefully we will maintain good cooperation for the common good,” he said.

Dr Rudianto added that this activity was a participation of UMSU in building democracy in Indonesia through political education and education for North Sumatra beginner voters.

“As an educational institution, UMSU does not allow political activity of candidates, but does not prohibit election education activities for beginner voters considering our students are 21,000. Most of them are beginner voters and some of them are voting for the first time on April 17, 2019, “he said.

According to Dr Rudianto, the synergy between universities where 21,000 students and the organizers of the General Election, namely the North Sumatra KPU is certainly needed so that the government has a positive perspective related to the election and has the confidence to give their voting rights on 17 April 2019.

Meanwhile Ira Wartati Commissioner of North Sumatra Province KPU explained, for the simultaneous election to be held on April 17, 2019, the KPU conducted several breakthroughs including socialization by visiting campuses with the KPU program Goes to Campus. “This activity is part of how we can have direct dialogue with voters so that they can motivate voters to use their voting rights later on April 17,” he said.

Ira further said, besides that the KPU also visited all high school equivalents, and conducted socialization by visiting several segments of the Marginal female voter community, then to the community level with a family base, also through groups in the community such as community associations and civil society organizations to places of worship.

Ira added that voter turnout in North Sumatra has been increasing year by year, as yesterday’s pilkubsu has increased and in the future the General Election of the Central Election Commission has a target of 77.5%, so that we aim at at least achieving the target of 30 millennial voters %, he said. (FRHN)

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