BI Corner Muhammadiyah University of Sumatera Utara won the title of the best in Indonesia and is entitled to the 2018 BI Corner Award in the college category.

The surrender of the 2018 BI Corner Award was carried out by the Senior Deputy of Bank Indonesia, Mirza Adityaswara in an event held at the BI Museum in the Old City Area of ​​Jakarta, Monday (12/17). “Hopefully the submission of the BI Award 2018 can be a motivation while fostering a spirit of literacy for students and the entire academic community of UMSU,” he said, adding, so that UMSU could further develop the existing BI Corner so as to provide more benefits for the community, especially students.

He also said that Bank Indonesia was very concerned about the younger generation as evidenced by the many activities held by BI involving young people.

“A developed country cannot only rely on natural resources (SDA) but a developed country because of human resources. The hope is in youth, Bank Indonesia has also provided scholarships to students at 105 universities throughout Indonesia, “said Adityaswara.

Programs for youth include GenBI (New Generation of Indonesia), and BI Corner. The BI Corner program starts in 2015, the program is to establish a small library where Bank Indonesia can communicate to the public, regarding the Indonesian economy, what is Bank Indonesia? What is monetary.

BI Corner is in various places such as schools, provincial libraries, regencies / cities, college libraries or boarding schools. In the future, the ambition is quite large, namely establishing 1,0000 BI corners in Indonesia and now there are 700 corners built in various places in Indonesia.

Adiyaswara asserted, when BI helped partners to build BI Corner, of course, it was hoped that BI Corner would be utilized by the community, the manager would use it. “Remember, Bank Indonesia has submitted, we hope that various activities will be carried out by managers or utilize BI Representatives in regions such as book reviews, discussions and activities to discuss a problem. Let us activate activities in the BI Corner by involving, the community, lecturers and students, “he said.

Head of the BI Information Department, Agusman, who also took responsibility for the event, said that the giving of BI Corner was the first time and was given to partners who were deemed appropriate. This activity was attended by 315 participants in particular who sent an initial assessment of 471 BI Corner, and 94 participants from 183 PAUD Recipient Bodies. For higher levels of 290 BI corners participating in 174 BI Corner, general level BI Corner, namely regional and mosque libraries followed by 64, BI Corner High Schools and degrees followed by 117 participants, and 94 PAUD agencies. The champions are divided into two, national champions and champions per island.

The Director of the BI North Sumatra Representative Office, Andiwiana Septonarwanto, highly appreciated the BI Corner UMSU which was assisted by the Regional Representative Office (KPw) of the North Sumatra BI with the highest score for the per island and national categories. It is hoped that this achievement will be a savior and a motivation for universities in North Sumatra to continue to work and advance the BI Corner in North Sumatra.

Proof of Commitment

The Chancellor of UMSU, Dr. Agussani, MAP stated that UMSU succeeded in winning the best I BI Corner Award 2018 in the category of universities throughout Indonesia as proof of commitment from the implementation of the MoU between Bank Indonesia North Sumatra and UMSU which was held on July 19, 2017. Since its establishment, BI Corner UMSU became a favorite place for students and lecturers.

UMSU as a partner of BI continues to develop BI Corner not only physically but also various activities are held. For the physical, UMSU has developed BI Corner by adding the appearance of interior design. In fact, UMSU also added a collection of books at BI Corner.

“As a university leader, I express my gratitude and appreciation to the leadership of Bank Indonesia for giving attention and care in improving the quality of education where BI through the North Sumatra Bank Indonesia Regional Office provides assistance in the form of building mini library infrastructure,” he said.

The presence of BI Corner has had a very positive effect on UMSU institutions as higher education management institutions, including, BI Corner has an impact on the acquisition of study program accreditation at UMSU. The UMSU Library Accreditation is to become the best private library in North Sumatra in 2018 and achieve A accreditation in the UMSU Library from the Library Accreditation Institute (LAP) of the Republic of Indonesia National Library.

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