Fakultas Kedokteran UMSU

The Faculty of Medicine (FK) of the University of Muhammadiyah North Sumatra (UMSU) implemented a collaboration related to student learning practices at the Padang Sidimpuan Mitra Syuhada Foundation in FKUMSU’s laboratory.

The practice of learning the laboratory is carried out in the Anatomy laboratory, Physiology laboratory and Histology laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine, UMSU, in order to explore the Anatomy structure of human Physiology for Midwifery D-III Study Programs, Pharmacy SI Study Programs and Nursing D-III Study Program STIKES Syuhada & AKBID Syuhada Partners PadangSidimpuan.

Deputy Dean III FKUMSU dr. Elman Boy, M.Kes, FIS-PH, FIS-CM said that this collaboration was the implementation of Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi in FK UMSU and also as a form of public trust in FK UMSU.

Head of FK UMSU Cooperation Unit, dr. Ilham Hariaji, M.Biomed added that this collaboration aims to advance the world of health, especially in the field of Anatomy Physiology of the human body. In addition, this collaboration also improves the Quality of Human Resources in the Health sector.

As is known, the Medical Faculty of UMSU has been accredited B, with this Faculty of Medicine UMSU openly cooperating with the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of health in other fields.

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