Muhammadiyah University Muhammadiyah of Sumatra Utara (UMSU) received 6 internship students from the Philippines and Thailand. The arrival of these foreign students is a realization of the Batch 7 Program’s The Students of SEA – Teacher program.

The presence of the six students from the Philippines and Thailand was warmly welcomed at the UMSU Lt. II Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) Hall on Monday (1/14/2019). Present at the event, UMSU Deputy Rector III Dr. Rudianto MSi, Chair of LKUI Dr. Eka Erlangga M, Ked (Ped). S.pA, Dean of FKIP Dr. Elfrianto Nasution SPd MPd, WD I FKIP Dra Hj Syamsuyurnita, MPd, WD III FIKIP Dr. Dewi Kusuma MHum and Head of Bureau of Public Relations UMSU Dr. Ribut Priadi MIKom.

The six foreign students are among others; Lysly S Jamillo and Theresa Velasco (Iloilo Science and Technology University / ISATU Philippines), Kiattisak Charoonso and Thanakon Boonma (Nakhon Ratchasina Rajabhat University / NRRU Thailand) and Namphet Phungmani and Ms Kanokkorn Borpimai (Valay Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage / VRU Thailand )

“They will carry out a four-week internship at the UMSU Teacher Training and Education Faculty,” explained Dr. Eka Erlangga, Chair of LKUI UMSU who appeared as a moderator at the ceremony.

Meanwhile WR III UMSU Dr. Rudianto MSI in his speech said that internationalization is a necessity for today’s universities and one of its forms is through student-mobility and student exchange programs. “Recently, we (UMSU-ed) also sent a number of students to take part in the State Students’ SEA – Teacher program through coordination of the 7th SIMEO this year, and still in the same program today we received 6 students from Philippines and Thailand, “he said.

According to Rudianto, this program is one of UMSU’s ways to get closer to the international community, especially related to the education sector. “In that way, it is hoped that the university will have a broader perspective in seeing how the development of science does not only dwell within the country,” he said.

To the guest students, Rudianto explained that between Indonesia and the Philippines and Thailand it is actually culturally not much different and has many similarities. Therefore, he believes, the guest students will not find difficulties that will mean adapting, communicating and socializing while at UMSU.
“Welcome to the North Sumatra Muhammadiyah University,” said Rudianto. (RSFN)

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