The Center for Constitutional Study Studies (PKSK) of the University Muhammadiyah of Sumatra Utara (UMSU) held a book titled “Jihad Constitutional Bidding for the Book” by Dr. Abdul Hakim Siagian SH MHum (AHS) and assembled with North Sumatra Islamic Leaders Meeting in the UMSU Postgraduate Hall, Jalan Denai 217 Medan, Tuesday (1/22).

The event was opened by the Deputy Rector I of UMSU Dr. Muhammad Arifin Gultom, SH. There were a number of figures, such as the Deli Sultanate represented by Prof. Dr. OK Saidin SH, MHum, Chair of the Medan MUI Prof. Dr. Muhammadd Hatta, Chairperson of the Indonesian North Sumatra Da’wah Council, Chairwoman PW Aisyiyan, Secretary of Gunawan University SP in MTh, Jajajaran PW Muhammadiyah North Sumatra, ranks of North Sumatra PD Muhammadiyah, Ortom Muhammadiyah board members, and academics UMSU.

Muhammad Arifin Gultom said, UMSU greatly appreciated the publishing and launch of this book. According to him, although this book is a form of anthology of a number of his writings published in various media, but one day it is hoped that a book by Abdul Hakim Siagian will be born which is more in-depth and comprehensive.

“Constitutional jihad is part of our efforts to explore and fight for the values ​​of Islamic law for us to make as part of our national law,” he said.

In his scientific speech, Abdul Hakim Siagian explained, the book “Constitutional Jihad (Bid of Thought)” was the result of editing the activists of constitutional studies in PKSK UMSU. This book is a collection of a number of writings that have been published in various mass media, both regional and national.

“The writings in this book are my response to the problematic situation that occurs in the midst of the lives of our nation and state today,” he said.

He believes, based on the study and reasoning, that Islamic law is the solution to the war of civilization today. According to him, there is currently an escalating and sharpening ideological war, which although carrying on the name of human rights, humanity, democratization and so on will in the end stop, because it is all false. “Alqur’an and Sunnah can not only provide solutions, but also I am sure I can complete everything thoroughly,” he said.

He explained, Indonesia is called a law state, so it must be understood, the substance and the basic purpose is justice. He said, this terminology was repeated twice in the Pancasila precepts, namely in the second precepts and fifth precepts.

“This proves that 100 percent of the Pancasila content is taken from the values ​​of Islamic teachings, namely from the Koran. So, if the source of Pancasila is inspired by the values ​​of Alqur’an and Sunnah, then it is appropriate, in an effort to develop national law in the future, it will still be colored by Islamic values. It cannot be denied, that many parts of the building of law and our constitution to this day are overlapping and are obviously detrimental to the people. And this is what we want to fight for through this constitutional Jihad agenda, “he said.

Candidates for the Regional Representative Council (Regional Representative Council) from North Sumatra in the 2019 Election said that the synergy of Islamic organizations is needed to build the strength of the ummah to jointly face the challenges of the future of the nation and state.

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