On his visit to Medan, North Sumatra, Political Observer Rocky Gerung took time to stop at the University Muhammadiyah of Sumatra Utara (UMSU).

In front of hundreds of students who packed the Auditorium of the Postgraduate School of UMSU, political observers who were known to be very vocal in criticizing the Jokowi-JK regime appeared enthusiastic to enlighten the importance of caring for common sense for the benefit of the nation.

“Mind grows on the basis of academic traditions,” he said at the Postgraduate School of UMSU, Jl Denai 217 Medan, Wednesday (1/23/2019).


He further revealed that the main task of the country was to educate the life of the nation. But unfortunately, said Rocky Gerung, there is no pedagogy that is shown by the political tradition and power in this country. Instead, he saw the striking thing that was seen as demagogy, namely teaching the tradition of memorizing. For example, memorizing the names of fish.

“In terms of the founding fathers of this nation we teach us to think critically, not become a nation of memorizers,” he said firmly.

According to him, the millennial generation now and in the future can only be treated by the campus mind. The campus is not just a place to educate people for theoretical and methodical thinking, but also should teach people to dare to “shake their heads”.

“Shaking his head means having the courage to criticize and even reject something that is not in accordance with common sense,” he said.

Then he also appreciated the consistency of Muhammadiyah in caring for the nation’s common sense through its educational institutions. According to him, it is undeniable that Muhammadiyah has done a lot of building a common sense tradition for this republic. “Even long before this country became independent,” he said

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