Lately, interest, need, and public appreciation of UMSU has been increasing and evolving. This trend is indicated by the increasing number and variety of applicants and higher education participants at UMSU at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level (SPs) levels. This achievement of course on one side is very proud but on the other side there is a challenge that is high enough.

In addition, along with the development of science, technology, and art (science) and global life; the demand for qualified higher education graduates encourages UMSU to continuously and continually strive to improve the quality of its education services, both in management and educational facilities and infrastructure.

The success of UMSU in providing educational services and producing qualified graduates will determine the existence of UMSU in the higher education community at the local, national, regional and global levels.

The development of education regulation system, especially related to higher education, also requires UMSU to make adjustments and developments in the management and implementation of education programs both in terms of curriculum and learning process. This course necessitates UMSU to review its institute especially in curriculum aspect and learning. In the context of the program, UMSU with all its authority in conducting academic education, profession, and vocational education in a number of disciplines of science, technology, and conducting professional education must answer the whole challenges, evolving needs of the community, and various changes in the regulation of its program implementation. Therefore, the response given by UMSU to these changes must still strengthen the cross-discipline of education, discipline education, and other disciplines that support the implementation of the discipline of education and discipline education.

The various challenges must be able to be answered well. The birth of the Curriculum and Learning Development Institute is part of UMSU’s efforts to continuously improve the quality of education services in accordance with the vision and mission of UMSU.

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