Vision and mission

Helping to realize the ideals of University of Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara  to become one of the world-class university universities to become a university that excels in building the nation’s civilization by developing science, technology and human resources based on Al-Islam and Muhammadiyahism  and improving the role of the University Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara in national and international association.


  1. Take an active role in the internationalization activities that exist in each unit within the University of Muhammadiyah North Sumatra, either as an initiator of activities, activity planners, facilitators, and implementers.
  2. Conducting services to educators, education personnel and students in the framework of further study abroad, exchange programs with foreign institutions, international conferences / seminars and others.
  3. Developing international networks and cooperation between University of Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara and educational / non-education institutions abroad;
  4. Developing network and cooperation with education institutions, government, and industry in the country;
  5. Carry out development programs covering the development of academic / non-academic programs, research, community service, human resources, international university management system;
  6. Conducting university promotion activities both at home and abroad;
  7. Organizing services for foreign students and academic guests who are studying / serving in UMSU with good and quality.


Main Tasks and Functions

  1. Coordinate the internationalization of the study program by preparing and socializing terms of reference and guidance on the implementation of activities.
  2. Support the implementation of international class and internationalization of study program at UMSU by assisting in providing guest lecturer along with monitoring and evaluation of international class organization.
  3. Coordinate with public agencies to improve the ability of English-based fund managers.
  4. Support the empowerment of self-learning culture of international standard for UMSU students.
  5. Coordinate the visits of university leaders and faculty abroad in order to develop cooperation.
  6. Create university profiles in international languages ​​for promotional purposes and introduction of UMSU abroad.
  7. Disseminating information about further study opportunities abroad for UMSU’s academic community.
  8. Conducting training for UMSU’s academic community in order to accelerate internationalization.
  9. Build cooperation and implementation activities with domestic partners.
  10. Develop a database of cooperation with foreign institutions and use the data for the purposes of developing cooperation.
  11. Develop a database of cooperation with both government and private institutions in the country and use the data for the benefit of developing cooperation.
  12. Coordinate welcoming activities for international guests visiting UMSU.
  13. Coordinate and facilitate services for foreign students in the form of introduction of Indonesian culture and language as well as immigration affairs
  14. Support the scientific activities of educators by providing support to present research results at international conferences.
  15. Coordinate the benchmarking activities of education in UMSU with overseas universities for educators and educators UMSU.
  16. Coordinate university-level international scientific conferences (conferences / seminars) held at UMSU.



Organizational Structure

Chief Executive          : dr. Eka Airlangga, M, Ked (Ped). Spa

Defenitive Chairman   : dr. Zukhrofi Muzar, M.Si, Med

Seketaris                      : Emni Purwoningsih, S.Pd., M.Kes


  1. Muhammad. Qorib, M.A
  2. Dewi Kesuma Nasution, S.S, M.Hum
  3. Ade Faisal ST, M.Sc
  4. Rafieqah Nalar Rizky, S.Sos., M.A


Field of Foreign Partnership (KLN)

Overseas Partnership Division, KUI UMSU handles the development and promotion of UMSU’s flagship programs that can be collaborated with overseas parties, serving foreign partners including students and foreign guests, facilitating the development of educators, education personnel and UMSU students. The KLN field is ready to facilitate the lecturers who are interested to attend International Seminars at home and abroad, Internships / Short Course abroad, as well as international cooperation research. In addition, for UMSU students who are interested to attend seminars and competitions at international level, or to hold work abroad can submit a proposal of assistance directly to the field of KLN. As part of the implementation of cooperation with overseas universities and other international institutions, KLN KUIK field also opens opportunities for the implementation of Student Exchange, Student Exchange, International PPL and KKN.

Field of Internal Partnership (KDN)

Field of Internal Partnership, KUI UMSU bridges the potential of cooperation between UMSU with institutions in the country. KDN KUI field offers to faculty who want to cooperate with local government / regency / local government / other agencies to coordinate further according to standard procedures for assessment of cooperation in the country . To access cooperation information in the country can be accessed through KUIK Newsletter. KDN KUIK field also held a roadshow to capture wider cooperation in the field of education and non-education in the regions.

The Field of Internationalization of Institutions Development (PIL)

The field of Internationalization Development, KUI prepares UMSU internally so that it has international quality work with the UMSU Language Council. Field of PIL, KUI organizes English / summer Camp and Assistance for organizing student development activities of international perspective. The field of PIL facilitates Guest Lecturer (Visiting Scholar) and the assistance of Studium Generale (by foreign lecturers) at Faculty / Department / Study program level. Field of PIL, KUI provides Pre-departure Training for lecturers who follow scholarship abroad.


Student Program

English Camp

English Camp is designed in such a way that it can provide English language training that is packed in a more informal and more friendly-user atmosphere for UMSU students. The activities in this English Camp boils down to the goal of equipping UMSU students with English abilities through various fun sub-activities. In addition, this activity is also expected to foster the love of students to English as well as to raise awareness of the importance of foreign language mastery in the face of global competition. This activity is usually done in the odd semester in each academic year.

International Field Experience Practice (PPL)

The International Field Experience Practice (PPL) is implemented by the Office of International Affairs. The SBU is working with the faculty and faculty, and the Customs Agent for selecting students. Selection includes interviews, teaching practices, and the practice of art and culture that is mastered. The participants were interviewed in two languages, namely Indonesian and English. The material in question includes their knowledge of education and teaching in the destination country. The purpose of this International PPL is to provide international insight to UMSU students, especially on how to teach abroad. In addition, sending students to international PPLs is one of UMSU’s strategies towards the World Class University of Education.


UMSU provides opportunities for outstanding students and activists of student organizations to attend study programs at UMSU partner universities abroad. In the 7-12 day program, students attend academic activities and follow social and cultural activities.

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