To continuously improve the quality, relevance, and efficiency of UMSU services in the global era, UMSU’s management requires a Quality Assurance System (SPM).

In 2009, Rector UMSU established a Quality Assurance Agency (BPM). Based on UMSU Rector Decree Number: 033 / E-1 / KPTS / UMSU / I / 2009 dated 23 januari 2009 explained that BPM supported by Four Fields are: Development of External Quality Assurance System BAN PT Study Program, Development of External Quality Assurance System BAN PT Institution, Field of Internal Quality Assurance System Development, and Academic Quality Internal Audit Sector.

Then simplified / developed by UMSU Rector Decree Number: 019 / E-1 / KPTS / UMSU / I / 2013 dated 16 januari 2013 on Structure and Personnel Quality Control Institution Muhammadiyah of Sumatera Utara developed into three Head of Section namely: Head of Service Technology Information and Communication, Head of Internal Quality Section, and Head of External Quality Section.

In 2013 UMSU proclaimed as “Quality Year” means that during the year 2013 UMSU undertakes the process of laying the initial foundation of “Institution Quality Assurance” as a follow up is to prepare quality documents that will soon be Implemented in mid-2013 and early 2014.

Leader Dr. Yan Hendra, M.Si
Secretary Isnina, SH., MH
Accreditation Higher Education Institutions Department Mariati, S.Pd., M.Ak
Internal Quality Assurance Department 1. Sudirman Lubis, ST., MT .
2. Rahmad Syukur Siregar, SP.,MP
Monev and Internal Audit Department Syafrida Hani, SE., M.Si
External Quality Assurance Department Dedi Amrizal, S.Sos., M.Si


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